Why Is Despair A Sin? Call On This Saint For Intervention Concerning This Sin

Do you think you have lost all the will to live?

No, you have not lost your will to live, at least not yet. God still lives and you a patron saint has your back.

Of course, despair is, in fact, a sin. That seems rather unfair since some depression is not just sad lazy thinking, but a medical condition.

You can’t sin if you’re not responsible for sinning, because, It is very possible that you’re not sinning at all.

Now let us talk about that for a moment. Why is despair a sin?

Here it is. With God, there is always hope. Once a person despairs he denies hope. Therefore, to despair is, in some way, a denial of God’s power and grace.

Yes, it is very possible to feel hopeless and desperate and kind of forget all about God while being stuck in the ever increasing oppression this world ( or depression).

You should, however, ask God to help you, because when we pray to a saint, we are only praying, asking, and petitioning for the saint to pray to God with you,  and for you.

Also, make sure to at least seek medical attention or see a therapist. These things can make a world of difference.

Above all, study God’s teachings and read Catholic books.

There are Saints you can call on such as;

Saint Jude is the patron saint of hopeless causes, but not because he suffered from depression nor had terrible difficulty in life. He might have had a rather rosy life, for all we know.

Although, that might not be true too. As one of the first Apostles, he replaced Judas. It is very possible that he met with a lot of jeers and resistance. The reason he is the patron saint of the hopeless is precisely because of his relative obscurity. Since we know almost nothing about him, someone figured that no one gave him much thought and therefore, no one was praying for his intercession, leaving him with eternity on his hands and not much to do. That would give him time to tackle the really hard stuff.

And as we all know, he has turned out to be really good in that area.

Another Patron Saint you can turn to is Mother Teresa. She is surely in Heaven. She suffered her ‘dark night of the soul’ for most of her working life. And while she felt abandoned by God, she never let that slow her down in her faith, her work or her life. Call on her and she would sympathize with you completely.

Also, there is another lovely. He is St. John of God. This Saint was so lost for a long time in his life, to the extent He spent part of his life in a mental institution, but only to wake up to the grace and power of God. at the time.

Try all or any of these saints. Pray for their intervention that you overcome the sin of despair.

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