What the Bible Says About Apologizing

The Bible speaks to us a lot about forgiveness, apologizing and going for confessions for our sins. having knowledge of the consequences of our actions and the harm we do to others by our words and deeds, leads us to how important apologies are.

Jonah went against the instruction of God and tried to run away from his path. He was swallowed by a whale and spent three days in the belly of the big mammal. Joseph was sold by his brothers out of envy. It took them so many years after to realize their wrongs but they apologized for selling him when they saw him in Egypt. In both situations, we realize the need to trust in God’s words and live according to his purpose for us. We also learn the grace and mercy of God and why we should all strive to follow his will. Apologizing is an essential way of confessing our wrongs, which is an important part of Christianity.

Apologizing shows that we acknowledge our wrongs and want to make amends. It clears the air and strengthens friendship with people and between us and God. When we apologize, we seek absolution from our sins. Sometimes it means apologizing to God for the ways we have gone above his commands. Sometimes it means apologizing to people for what we have said, how we have said them or what we have done to them. However, we can’t always expect to be forgiven right away for the sins we have committed toward other people. Sometimes we have to show more patience and allow other people to come to terms with our apologies. Meanwhile, God forgives us as much as we ask of him, but it is still our responsibility to keep to His words as we have been instructed to.

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