Try this exercise, whenever you are Spiritually wounded

We are humans living in a fallen world, we often sin, and this can be difficult to handle on some occasions. Still, instead of falling into despair, we should run quickly to the loving arms of God.

An Italian priest Fr. Lorenzo Scupoli gives his powerful advice concerning sin in his spiritual classic called The Spiritual Combat.
Scupoli then writes, “Whenever you feel yourself wounded from having weakly, or it may even be willfully and deliberately, fallen into some sin, but do not be over-fearful or over-anxious, but turn to God instantly.”

He went further to say, “always give thanks to God, and love Him more than ever, wondering at the excess of His mercy, who, when you had so deeply offended Him, stretched out His right hand to save you from another fall … [then] commit yourself unreservedly to the merciful hands of God.”

When we grievously sin against God, the devil will always want to pull us into utter despair, doubting that God would ever forgive us.

The good news is that God will always forgive us and is waiting patiently for us to turn back to him.

Remember, that God is a merciful God, not an overbearing tyrant who is ready to strike us when we sin. He is filled with love and, as in the story of the Prodigal Son, is ready to strike up a feast when we have returned to the fold.

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