This is why we must seek the kingdom of God

As we look all around us today more than ever, we see lifestyles that make us wonder. And the question is, what’s happening to the world we are living in? What we need to be asking though is this question? Are we actually in the Kingdom of God? Forget what others are doing and focus on what is happening in your life.

Just because we are baptized and we become faithful regular church goers does not necessarily mean we are in the Kingdom of God. So how do you know if you are in the kingdom of God.

Simply say, how deep are you into the ocean or pool if you are going swimming. Are you toe or ankle deep? Knee deep? Are you just sitting in the water as waves lap around you? Or, are you wholly immersed, experiencing the touch of the cool water completely and seeing the wonders of the ocean beneath?

So, how evident is God in your life and how deep are you in your relationship with Him?

Here is a guide and one way to know if you are in the Kingdom of God.
How much of your time takes you into the kingdom of the world? Actually, we are told that we cannot serve two masters. So check how much of your time is spent on the screen, in sports, in juggling the balls of living and trying to survive on your own.

How much are you anxious, worried, angry just because your ‘worldly possessions’ are not under your perfect control? Just because, life is not what you hope for, long for, and so you are sad and stressed.

These are good signals of where you are living, your emotions and physical life. Are they in any way making your life a burden to bear, or a struggle to stay afloat?

Next question to ask yourself is this. “Do I want to be in the Kingdom of God? Do I need this place so much so, that I am willing to do ‘whatsoever He tells me,’ that my life is changed?

Whenever we seek the Lord with all our hearts, whenever we hear His words and obey them, whenever we Trust in God more than we do our own abilities. Then we tend to see the change of address we long for.

We then experience the PEACE of MIND which we long for and most importantly: We become aware of the presence and power of God in our life.

However, to love God means to trust God. To Trust God as well, means to do as He tells you to, knowing that he will keep His promises.

To Know God also means to give unto Him the control over your life and invite Him into living within as you live In His Kingdom.

His words, “Peace be with you and receive the Holy Spirit,” are the actual keys that allow you to enter into His Kingdom. However, we can take only possession of these Keys if we reach out and grab them.

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