Things To Do When You Feel Lost

Very often, we desire to grow in Holiness, develop our prayer strength, or get rid of serious sin in our life, but most times, we are not sure of exactly where to start. The challenge can be overwhelming especially if we have been away from our faith for a while. So where do we begin?

It is quite simple. Just like those men that lived by a rule of life, and had a measure that they held themselves up against. Set your own rules of life – a guide for how your daily life should be lived.

We all are faced with different circumstances and just as each man has his own struggles and particular challenges, so should their individual rules match up with them. These rules should constantly guide them through the way of Christ. Here are a few suggestions you can embark on when you feel lost.


Pray always. Make time to say your daily prayer. We need a few moments of prayer time every day to be reminded of who Christ is, and who we are called to be. This should include time for adoration unto the Lord, contrition for sins committed, thanksgiving and gratitude to the Lord.  This includes praying for others, silent meditation on the scriptures or spiritual readings, closeness to the sacraments, receiving of the holy communion and confession of sins.

 Awareness of weaknesses

It is quite amazing how quickly we forget how prone we are to sin until we fall. Becoming more and more aware of our fragility is a  part of growing closer to Christ and how much we need His constant presence to rescue us. To depend is not weakness but an imitation of Jesus Christ’s humility, who constantly looked to the Father.

The Marian devotion

We all need this, especially when striving towards chastity. Devote daily to Our Lady who is ever ready to help. This can take many forms, but there are reasons why so many of the saints loved the rosary. Take some time every day to meditate with our Lady.

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Encouraging growth

Most often there are a couple of things we would like to do, but never make time for, like exercising, learning a trade, etc. Why not schedule them and incorporate them into your daily routine.

Charitable work/almsgiving

This is not just for the sake of the less privileged ones, but because we need this. Acts of Charity has a way of opening sealed doors and waving off evil. Also, the more we stay close to the poor, or beggars, the more they rescue us from our own selfishness and arrogance. We all need this rescue.

Caution towards one’s relationship with technology

Very often we don’t realize how addicted we are to technology until we see it profoundly in someone else. It is so easy to throw away so much of our precious time on chats, Netflix, video games, and just move from one website to the next without even realizing it. Being highly cautious about how much time we spend in the digital world helps to approach it with greater prudence, and not to waste our lives.

A good examination of conscience

Why not take a quiet time alone? If we took a couple of minutes every day to stand before the Lord, and meditate on ways we have fallen short of His Glory, with an amendment to do better. We would realize that we would become more and more dependent on him and we will slowly become less attached to our sins. This is important.


We need brothers – Fellowship. Communal life in Christ would go a long way. Just like the early Christians, find men who give hope that it is possible to follow Christ in this life, men who challenge and encourages us in Christ. Find other brethren who are actively trying to grow in holiness, open to constant conversion, and stay close to them.

The history of the Church does not lie; those that truly brought reform in times of corruption and difficulty were the ones that were constantly open to personal reform within their community. The return to Christ is always a return to the community, to communion.

These are few notes to have in mind while making the rule. If You can, make the rule with a fellow brother so you can hold each other accountable. What matters more than anything else is seeking Christ and striving to become men he has called us to be, not just for ourselves, but for those that he has called us to serve.

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