Relationship between Prayer and Weather forecasts

When we want to sail, we see ourselves lying in port waiting for good weather, we tend to spend hours studying weather forecasts. Cause all sorts of weather troubles can arise on the Lake such as: heavy winds of a storm raise seas throwing the boat into tumult; even fog with cold rain makes sight unreliable.

But, when we are home we rarely listen to weather forecasts or study weather forecasts. Because, when life is comfortably safe we think little of possible future storms.

Could this be how we treat prayer?
Do we make prayers essential in times of difficulty, but only occasionally necessary in ordinary time? Are we really living a God-rescued way of life or a God-directed way of life?

As sailors we are on this sea of earth, we have set morning and evening prayers, in addition to daily readings as we navigate long empty stretches of water, seldom meeting another boat with land far off the horizon for long daylight hours.

Our instruments do guide us, still we have the grace to control these devices. But do we even thank the One who has ultimate control of our safety? Are we really watchful, or vigilant of Him who silently guides our land and sea life?

Say this little prayer :
Thank you, dear Lord, for Your daily guidance
As we travel through our earthly life journey.
Do not let us forget You-
You who rule the wind and storms.
Please, Lord lead us through the unseen dangers
Of a disbelieving, unforgiving world.
This we ask through Christ our Lord.

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