Patron Saints Associated With Various Aspects of your Children’s Lives

A patron saint is chosen as special protectors or guardians over diverse areas of life. Matters concerning children are very delicate and most times it is beyond the things one can solve with physical strength and skills, it is for this reason that I want to name and briefly illustrate some saints every mother should be familiar with. They include:

  • St. Zeno – She is the patron saint of children learning to speak and walk. Her feast day is on May 21, she was born in Africa, she died in 371.
  • St Vaast – A patron saint of all children learning how to walk.
  • St Dominic Savio and the Holy Innocents – are the patron saints of children choir. Savio is an Italian, venerated in 1933 by Pope Pius XI in 1950, canonized in 1954 and his feast day is March 19.
  • Patron saints of sick children include St. Beuno, Clement 1, Hugh of Lincoln, Ubald Baldassin.
  • St. Annline, St. Catherine of Genoa, Gummarus, Henry II, Julian the hospitable are all patron saints of  Childless people.
  • Saints Alodia of Huesca, Germaine cousin, Luffhild Nunilo and Maria Goretti are the patron saints of child abuse victims.
  • The patron saint of students and Catholic schools is Mother Setron. She died in 1821, canonized in 1975 and has a feast day on the 4th of January.
  • Patron saints of children safety are Bishop Nicolas of Myra and Saint John Bosco.
  • The patron saint of unborn children is Saint Gerard Majella.
  • The patron saint of children who died before baptism is Saint Ursus of Aosia
  • Patrons saints of convulsive children are Guy of Anderlecht, John the Baptist, Scholastica.
  • Patrons saints of pregnancy include Alruna of Cham, Andrew the Apostle, Anne, Anthony of Padua, Dominic if Silos, Elizabeth, Eulalia of Barcelona, Gerard Majella, Gianna Beretta Molla, Hartmann of Brixen, Joseph, Margaret of Antioch, Raymont Nonnatus, Silvia of Rome, Ulric of Augsburg.
  • The patron saint of safety in multiple births is saint Irmengard.


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