Novena To Saint Agatha, The patroness of Breast Cancer Patients

Saint Agatha of Sicily is the patroness of rape victims, torture victims, martyrs, nurses, and against breast cancer. She is one of the seven women, besides the Virgin Mary, mentioned by name in the Roman Canon of the Mass. Her feast day is February 5th.

She was 20 years (231 AD–251 AD) when she died. She is one of the highly venerated virgin martyrs of Christian antiquity, Agatha died in prison during the persecution of Decius (250–253) in Catania, Sicily, for her determined profession of faith. She was canonized and beautified by pre-congregation tradition confirmed by Pope Gregory I. A popular saint Agatha quote states “Purity is a gift of God: we can gain it and preserve it only by care and diligence in avoiding all that may prove an incentive to sin.”

Prayer To St. Agatha

O glorious Saint Agatha, who remained faithful to Our Lord even unto death, intercede for me as thou dost rejoice in the reward of thy virtues.

Cast a glance of pity on (me /mention the person afflicted with cancer or other serious breast ailments) and grant my petition, if such be the will of God.

Make my/her troubles into thine own.

Plead for the grace yearned for ardently, and for a blessing that may strengthen me/her during life, so to assist me/her to lead a faithful life, so that, one day, I/she may join you in eternity to behold the Source of Eternal Joy.


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