How to say The Rosary when you Are Busy

To truly advance in growing into the saint God designed us to be, It is highly encouraged to make praying the rosary daily a priority in our lives. Because most a times we give excuses on why we fail to say our rosaries daily. In this article I will let you know how you can say the Rosary be it while walking, commuting, or perhaps in your office, anyplace you feel you can concentrate.
Actually, in saying the rosary we don’t need all the time in the world or hours to say a decade of the rosary. Saying the rosary takes us only 20mins of our time daily. But if you just don’t think you’ve got 20 minutes to sit down and ask for Our Lady’s intercession through the rosary, let me find 20 minutes for you. Always bear in mind that it doesn’t have to be a perfect 20 minutes and you don’t have to carry a rosary with you. You have 10 fingers, right? That’s good enough.
In the morning while taking your shower, What else do you have to do in the shower?
Praying is far better than to let your mind wander. Say the rosary in your mind If you’re not done praying by the time you’re finished, continue while toweling off, getting dressed and even blow drying your hair.
Do you go running regularly?
Make praying the holy rosary your activity rather than paying attention to music. There are some Apps, such as on the free Laudate Catholic app, that you can listen to as you run.
Do you go for Morning mass every day?
Pray as you walk on the road to the church, then continue saying it on your way home.
While going for Work or going to your Office. Do you board a car as you go to work?
Say the rosary as you are inside a bus waiting to get to your destination.
Do you drive yourself to work?
Get a CD from CatholicCity, play it as you go to work and pray along with. You will be amazed how it will make you feel.
Are you a cleaner?
You can Pray the rosary as you vacuum, fold the laundry, mop, dust, etc. In this situation, You say aloud any Mystery you want to start to help you not miss your counts. And while you’re at it, you can always pray for those who will reap the benefits of your efforts of a clean home and wear those clean-folded clothes. You can always do same as you cook.
As you fall asleep
Do you know what a joy it is to drift to sleep with thoughts of Jesus and Mary on your mind? The only disadvantage to this one is that you might fall asleep before you get through the whole beads. The good news to it is that you can start the rosary at night and ask your Guardian Angels to finish if you eventually fall asleep. And there is nothing wrong with that. But by actually contemplating the mysteries of the rosary, consciously, the graces of the rosary will be so much more available.
While waiting
Many times we find our waiting in a queue for more than 20mins. Be it queuing in line at the grocery, at the doctor’s office, in the school pick-up line, in a gas station or in traffic. Work in a decade each time you’re in line or your waiting and you’ll be done by day’s end.
It’s ok to spread out the 5 decades throughout the day. In fact, focusing on just one decade at a time thereby helping you say a decade at a time at different times of the day when you’re busy. And, of course, if the spirit moves you, you can pray more than one Decade a day.
I truly don’t think Our Blessed Mother minds that we pray the rosary with busy hands, but we must make our hearts open to receive all the graces.
But everything you do “Let it occur to you that nothing is little within the eyes of God. Do all that you just do with Peace and Love.” ~~ St. Therese.

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  1. Lovely piece. Our Lady asks that we say at least a third (5 decades) of the Rosary daily. St. Louis says if we miss one a day we should say two the next day.

    Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us

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