Here’s a Song that captures Mother Teresa’s Spiritual Darkness

For over fifty years the little Albanian nun (Teresa) was known for her work with the poor in Calcutta, and she wandered in a spiritual desert. During her lifetime, she radiated joy on the outside, but on the inside she felt lonely and abandoned.

“Firelight” is a song from Matt Maher that, turned around the mystery of Mother Teresa’s enduring darkness that was revealed after her death. And Mother Teresa once said, “If I ever do become a saint, I will surely be one of darkness. For I will not be content to walk about in the streets of heaven while there’s one soul who still longs for God.”

Firelight’ is a song about disillusionment and that very frail prayer of pleading with God to burn and shine in the midst of that and to continue to light the way through darkness.

In the lyrics, Mayer says “If I’m ever known for anything, let it be that I ran into the night running with a firelight…. Her quote captures that hunger of a person, who in the midst of struggle, still loves the marginalized and still loves the oppressed…..”.
You can listen to “Firelight” on YouTube.

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