Here are few things you can do when you visit the Blessed Sacrament

To adore the Blessed Sacrament is to follow Jesus Himself in the time of His sacrifice for humanity. He revealed it to us, through Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque: “Every night, between Thursday and Friday, I will ensure you are a partaker of that sorrow unto death which it was My will to suffer in the Garden of Olives.”

Below are suggestions of what you can do whenever you visit the Blessed Sacrament:

1. Prepare your heart through prayer:

Once you have sat down on one of the pews or prayer stool, kneel down and say a prayer to prepare your heart. You can use a prayer book or you can pray from your heart. You can pray the Rosary after your prayers. You can also decide to pray: Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Glory Be five times in remembrance of the five wounds of Christ Crucified, and an additional Our Father for the Pope.

2. Reading of the scriptures/meditations

You can select a passage from the Bible or you can read the day’s reading. After reading it, be quiet and meditate on what you just read. It is crucial that in this moment you try to calm your mind and heart, reject distracting thoughts, and listen to what God is telling you. Silence prepares the soul for listening. If you studied a passage from the Bible, try to imagine it and ponder on it.

3. Keeping of Spiritual Journal

This is a great practice. You can have a diary particularly for the Blessed Sacrament where you jot some meditations about what you just thought and felt. This will really help your spiritual life and it reminds you of the times you’ve just experienced and the wisdom gotten, before God Himself. Being able to go back to our experience with the Lord empowers us when times are tough.


3. Spiritual Communion

Always remember that whenever the Blessed Sacrament is been exposed, you can receive Him in your heart by doing a spiritual communion.This form of  communion is always something to do if by some impediment you can’t receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist .


4. Give Praises

You can decide to come to the Blessed Sacrament to give God praise. The book of same expresses that God lives in the praises of his people.You could use a prayer book. Give thanks for the life you were freely given. Offer your Praise for  an individual  in need and request for your intentions.

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