Five Prayers To Say On Thanksgiving

For appreciating others

We appreciate you, Father, for the gift of Jesus your Son who came to our Earth and lived in a simple home. We have a greater appreciation of the value and dignity of the human family because he loved and was loved within its shelter. Bless us this day; may we progress in love for each other in our family and so give appreciation to you who are the maker of all human families and our abiding peace.

— from The Catholic Prayer Book, compiled by Msgr. Michael Buckley


To remember those less fortunate

Help Me Thanksgiving Day Prayer

O God, when I have food, help me to remember the hungry;
When I have work, help me to remember the jobless;
When I have a home, help me to remember those who have no home at all;
When I am without pain, help me to remember those who suffer,
And remembering, assist me to pull down my complacency;
bestir my compassion, and be concerned enough to assistance;
By word and deed, those who cry out for what we don’t appreciate.

— Samuel F. Pugh

To acknowledge God’s gifts

Countless Blessings

Lord, on this special day of gratitude,
we appreciate you not only for the delicious food,
lovingly prepared and presented,
but also for special gifts
you’ve given to this family —
loved ones we cherish dearly,
a comfortable place to live,
the beauty that surrounds us,
material pleasures,
health, spiritual wealth,
and so much more.
How can we show our thankfulness for
the bountiful blessings you’ve provided?
We thank you for giving us clear direction,
through your holy word
on how to show our gratitude,
by obeying Your commands
and by loving and serving our neighbors.
Thank you, Lord.

— Joanna Fuchs


To look toward another bountiful year


Another Good Year
We appreciate you, Lord, for food and friends
And for all of the joy this holiday lends;
It’s Thanksgiving Day and we can see
The blessings you’ve provided our family.

Thanks to you, Lord, for another good year;
When you watch over us, there’s nothing to fear.

— Karl Fuchs

To say a quick, encompassing thanks

Thanksgiving Prayer
For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food,
For love and friends,
For everything thy goodness sends.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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