Find out more facts about the “Catechesis of the Good Shepherd”

All over the past century, catechists all around the world have tried to communicate the Gospel in a way that would lead to an authentic relationship with God and a deeper understanding of the theological truths of the Catholic Church.

In recent days, one method of catechesis has born much fruit, and was praised for its beauty by St. John Paul II.
The “Catechesis of the Good Shepherd” (CGS) was established in the mid-20th century by Maria Montessori, Sofia Cavalletti, and Gianna Gobbi.

CGS is a school that uses Montessori teaching principles to bring out the most essential realities of the Catholic faith to even very young children. CGS provide specially designed materials and inspiring presentations which help the children to explore areas of faith formation which are appropriate to their developmental age … Scripture, liturgy, salvation history, and sacramental signs provide the content of the catechesis with a specific emphasis on scripture.

The methodology of the Catechesis however, utilizes Montessori teaching principles to help children establish an informed and genuine relationship with God.

However, CGS is an official part of the formation program of St. Teresa of Calcutta’s order, the Missionaries of Charity, and it is used by the sisters in their various apostolic endeavors. Also, it has seen a large resurgence in the United States during the past 10 years, with many different “atriums” opening throughout the country.

The Archdiocese of New York “has developed the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Level One, ages 3-6, as its preferred pre-school program,” as also encouraging parishes to include CGS for ages 6-12”.

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