9 Truths You May Not Know About Saint Joseph

Popularly known as “the most hidden of the saints,” Saint Joseph led a humble life in Nazareth as the foster father of Jesus. In as much as he lead a quiet life, the Church named Saint Joseph the patron saint of the Universal Church.

In a currently published book, The Truth About Saint Joseph: Encountering the Most Hidden of Saints, Father Maurice Meschler, S.J. explores the life of Saint Joseph.


Here are nine amazing information about the life of Saint Joseph from Father Meschler’s work.

1. The two branches of the family of David merge into one in Saint Joseph


Saint Joseph’s genealogy is amazingly relevant in the story of salvation history. A descendant from the line of David, and is listed closest in relationship to Christ in the Biblical genealogies. Psalm 88:30 says that the roots of the Messiah would come from the line of David.

“Matthew calls Joseph’s father ‘Jacob’ in Matthew 1:16; Luke, moreover, styles him ‘Heli’, a difference that can be described only in the supposition that in the view of the Law of Levirate, Jacob was the natural father of Joseph, while Heli was his legal father. Hence, just as was clearly the case with Zerubbabel, the two branches of the family of David form into one in Saint Joseph, who in turn converts the glory of both ancestral lines to his divine foster Son,” writes Father Maurice Meschler, S.J., in his book The Truth about Saint Joseph. 

2. Saint Joseph gave Jesus the heritage of impoverished royalty 


Christ went into the world in poverty. Saint Joseph was not able to offer him riches, or even a proper place to be born when He went into the world.

“Joseph had, then, nothing in the temporal line to offer our Savior but his calloused hands and a heart full of devotion and love, and rather than the splendid pomp of the world, poverty, and obscurity,” Father Meschler expresses. “This was particularly what the Redeemer desired. For this He had come down to Heaven.”

3. Saint Joseph and Mary’s union was a true and genuine marriage 


The Church and the Holy Fathers accede – Joseph and Mary were truly married. Father Meschler explains more on the subject, saying, “Saint Joseph was the husband of Mary and the legal father of Jesus Christ. Our Savior belonged to him as a son. The genealogy of Saint Joseph was the genealogy of Jesus. The descent of our Lord from David is thus legally built and is checked through Joseph’s marriage with Mary.”

4. The lily Saint Joseph is often depicted with symbolizes his virginal fatherhood


Saint Joseph is often seen in paintings holding a lily. Father Meschler describes the importance of this symbol, saying, “The fatherhood of Saint Joseph embraces the glory of virginal integrity, and thus lays claim to a new mark of resemblance to the Fatherhood of God. The heavenly Father has given to the saint’s fatherhood all that He could without detriment to his virginity. However, the fatherhood of Saint Joseph resembles that of the eternal Father because both have but one Son, in fact, the same Son.”

5. Saint Joseph faithfully safeguarded the virginity of Mary before and after marriage.


In addition to accomplishing his role as the foster father of Jesus, Saint Joseph was also entrusted with the role of protecting the virginity of the Mother of God. Father Meschler expresses, “Saint Joseph accomplished the conditions dependent on him and essential for the Incarnation – namely, the protection of Mary’s virginity. It was of paramount necessity that the conception and birth of Christ should be virginal. This condition Saint Joseph accomplished in faithfully safeguarding the virginity of his spouse before and during his married life with her.”

6. Joseph was destined to live a life of obscurity for the glory of God


Saint Joseph, a humble carpenter, never held public office. We recall a little about his life here on earth, and his interior life is virtually not familiar to us. But that is how it was supposed to be. Father Meschler explains, “Saint Joseph’s specific and personal vocation was to be the foster father of the Messiah, exalted and sublime in itself and without compare, was the very reason that demanded the profound obscurity.”

7. Saint Joseph is referred to as the “shadow of the Heavenly Father”


Father Meschler describes the relevance of this title, writing, “This explains the full extent of Saint Joseph’s greatness and the whole concept of his high vocation in the most concise and sublime manner. Above all, he was the foster father of the Savior. The heavenly Father is the type and origin of all fatherhood in Heaven and on earth, and so every human father is an agent and image of the Heavenly Father. In the case of Saint Joseph,  however, this is verified in a most characteristic and glorious manner.”

8. Saint Joseph is an incredible guide for the interior life


Saint Joseph’s life and actions can guide us into the greater interior, spiritual development. Father Meschler expresses, “Without the practice of the interior life, the most hidden life would stay a merely eternal existence without value and meaning for God and eternity. There is no better guide to the promised land of the interior life than Saint Joseph. To be a citizen of and a great man in this kingdom is the specific property of our saint’s holiness and the rich reward he merited by his services during the infancy of Jesus.”

9. Saint Joseph is also an incredible model for an active life


Additionally, Saint Joseph also instructs us the relevance of active life. “We are all bound to lead the active life; to lead it properly, we must all labor, and labor in a correct manner,” Father Meschler expresses. “This is indeed a crucial lesson that Saint Joseph admonishes us.”

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