5 Reasons Why You Should Say The Liturgy Of The Hour – One Prayer You Often Fail To Say

Like we explained in our previous post, the  Liturgy of the Hour, also known as the Divine Office or Breviary, is a Prayer more ancient than the rosary and second only to the Holy Mass among the Church’s Liturgical Celebrations. It is a prayer Catholics (especially the Priests) are required by the canon law to say each day.

Here are Five (5) reasons why You should say the Liturgy of the Holy Hour:

It Sanctifies Your Day

Just as the Lord had instructed us in the Gospel Luke to pray without ceasing, Saint Paul equally encourages us to do so in 1 Thes 5:16. Notice that as you repeat the invocation, “O God, come to our aid” in the Holy Hour, You’ll get to realize your reliance on God’s help in the affairs of your day. In addition to this, you would also notice that the Psalmody contains a decent mix of Psalms and canticles that requires you to give thanks and offer unto him the things that have passed since the last Hour you prayed. Therefore, soaking your day in prayer would make you more aware of God’s ultimate involvement in your day-to-day life.

Mother Church Recommends It

The Mother Church at Vatican II declared in the document Sacrosanctum Concilium that the laity too is encouraged to recite the divine office, either with the Priest, or among themselves, or even individually (#100). This is especially recommended to ecclesial communities, ministries, and families.

It Deepens Your Knowledge of the Scriptures

Due to the fact that the different Psalms, canticles and readings are rooted in a cycle of either one or four weeks, this gives you a nice balance between freshness and repetition. You will be better exposed to the Scriptures and before you know it, you might have painlessly memorized quite a handful of the Bible. Throughout the day and throughout the ever-changing seasons, you will be surprised to learn how relevant the scriptures can be as you meditate on them.

Praying With The Church

Even though distance may separate all Christians around the world, we will be joined into one Body in Christ as we say the same Psalm and utter the same prayers, and as we celebrate the feast days and liturgical seasons together, you will live the life of the Church. Also, through the Intercession, we pray and intercede for one another as well as ourselves. Notice also, that as we say Night Prayer before we go to bed, other Brethren in the other parts of the world rise to say Morning Prayer. Thus, the Church on Earth never falls silent in her adoration of the Triune God, mirroring the Church in Heaven.

A Holistic Prayer

If we can remember, there are four (4) major elements to prayer which is best remembered by the acronym – ACTS. Meaning; Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving, and Supplication and most Hours cover all 4 elements! Supplication is expressed in The Invocation and Intercessory, the Glory Be’s expresses the Adoration and the Psalm, canticles, and responsories offer a mix of other elements.

Therefore, why not try this out?

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