3 Important Facts about the Holy Water every Catholic Should Know

After reading this article, you will understand more why the Catholic Church admonishes the practice of blessing yourself, your family, home, work, in fact almost everything you have with Holy Water.

Here are 3 hidden facts about the Holy Water:

1. You can use holy water to cast away the devil

St Teresa of Avila, the famous mystic, discussed a moment when she used holy water in her battle against the devil.  One night in the chapel, the devil appeared at her side.  He told her that in as much as she had escaped from his clutches this time, he was sure that he would be attacking her again soon.  She used holy water to fight his presence.

She expressed:

“There was some holy water there, and I threw it in that direction; he never came back again. I often experience that there is nothing that devils flee from more without returning than holy water.”

2. The Use of Holy water helps to drive away infirmities

Holy water is also used to cure those passing through illness of the body, mind or soul.  The words of blessing are “let it be to all who take it health of mind and body.”  Later, the prayer requests God to restore those who use holy water from pain and hurt.

Actually, the use of holy water does not only apply to illness or pain you or a loved one may be passing through now.  You can also use it to avoid future illness and unrest.

3. It helps to cleanse your soul from venial sins and temporal punishments

Most Doctors of the Catholic Church say that the use of Holy Water results in the cleansing of our venial sins and temporal punishment.  St. Thomas Aquinas expresses, “By the sprinkling of Holy Water the debt of venial sin is blotted out; but not all the time.

St. Thomas Aquinas further expresses “The amount of sin and punishment removed with the use of Holy Water is in line with one’s love and faith in God and contrition for their sins.”

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  1. I remember as a child whenever there was a storm My Mother would go to each one of us sleeping and spray us with Holy Water. Of course it would wake us but she would sooth us by saying that we should not worry the Angels were just having their fun time in Heaven and they were bowling. I think I believed that story forever. When I married and had my children they were so afraid of thunder, so I too would always sprinkle Holy Water on them and tell them the story of how the Angels were bowling in the heavens and they should not be afraid. It did help. This tradition along with the Holy Water is now being repeated to my Grandchildren.

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