Why is it Called the Rosary?

Most Catholics and many Christians know that there’s something called a Rosary. However, no one has ever asked why it is called a “rosary”.

Rosary was gotten from the Latin word “Rosarium” which means a proper collection or garland of roses. In the course of time the name was specially appropriated to a string of Paternosters and Ave Marias to be said in a certain order in honor of the fifteen mysteries of our Lord in which the Virgin had a part in. And from the collection of prayers, the name was moved to the string of beads used for the purpose of keeping count in the recitation.

Before the name Rosary was compounded, there is nothing to use as evident that would point to the Blessed Virgin Mary, or use as a prayer in general. However, looking at the Latin roots of the word “Rosary” it brings out a beautiful symbolism which was not widely known.

At the beginning, the Rosary was called “Our Lady’s Psalter,” referring to the 150 Psalms that monks do pray and from which the tradition of the Rosary originated. The Latin word “Rosarium” became associated with the devotion over time, especially after the spreading of one Particular legend like that.

In accordance with the Catholic Encyclopedia, “there was an early legend which after he travelled all over Europe, he penetrated to Abyssinia and connected his name with a story of Our Lady. He was seen taking rosebuds from the lips of a young monk when he was reciting Hail Marys and to weave them into a garland which she placed upon Our Lady’s head.

In this way, the rosary became viewed spiritually and in art as a way to present a garland of roses to the Blessed Mother in a similar way that roses would be picked for a person’s earthly mother.
The name has stayed ever since, and the Rosary is the most popular Catholic devotion around the world.

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