Whenever you come across a picture of a Saint, say this Short Prayer

The Saints in the Catholic Church are signs and hope for us, who are still struggling on this earth. They also remind us of our ultimate goal of Heaven and encourage us to persevere until the end.

Often times, we might come across a picture or statue of a saint, and there comes a brief opportunity to ask that saint for their intercession.

Whatever saint it might be, they are willing to help us in our exile here on earth and to join them some day in Heaven.

Below is a brief prayer that can be prayed when passing by a picture or statue of a saint, that reminds us of that profound reality and helps us orient our lives toward God.

Pray for me, O ye happy Saint, your time of exile is passed. When shall I be like thee in Heaven?

Let our every day prayer be that, we will join the saints in Heaven and enjoy the blessed happiness that they currently experience for all eternity.

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