What you should give up during the Lenten Period.

Lent, is a season when we are called to prayer, fasting, and to render good works. It is certainly a time for examination of conscience as well as for spiritual reflection and simplicity. But the decision of what to give up, if there’s a need to, is one that can be deeply personal. Generally speaking, the people I know who “give up” stuff for Lent and do it well have had a look at their lives and try to figure out what it is that has brought a barrier between them and God. They have checked what is standing as an impediment to their spiritual fulfillment? In order words, we need to know what in our life that has caused us to veer away from the center? To know exactly what we can give up that will lead us back to prayer and good works?
What are you giving up for Lent?” is a surprisingly intimate question that should be approached with trepidation and sensitivity, if at all.
We start out Lent with blurry ash on our foreheads and the reminder that “You are dust and to dust you shall return.” After that, No meat on Fridays follows. Are we meant to “give up” something because sometimes it hurts? Or are we trying to lose weight? Is the Lenten fast actually more than a New Year’s resolution?
Below are the minor things you need to give up this Lent
1. Impure thoughts and actions, resist from eating between meals and from sweets. Train your body to obey your will.
2. When you call “God” or “Jesus” outside a prayer, memorize Ephesians 4:29 and repeat it on the hour, every hour during the day.
3. When you Pretend you don’t have time to go for Adoration.
4. When you Pretend you don’t have time to pray at home.
5. When you refuse to recognize God in your neighbor.
6. And God in your family. Even the most annoying members. God loves them. How will you?
7. When you hide your faith from those around you. It’s Lent. Try to share what God is doing in your life these 40 days.
8. Not apologizing when you should because it’s hard to admit you’re wrong.
9. When you don’t go to Confession because it’s scary.
10. Getting your nails done.
11. Making excuses to not go to daily Mass.
12. Thinking about food all during daily Mass.

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