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What Does Liturgical Prayer Mean?


What does liturgical prayer entail?


The word “liturgy” originally meant a “public work” or a “service in the name of/on behalf of the people.” In Christian tradition, it means the involvement of the people of God in “the work of God.” Through the liturgy Christ, our redeemer and high priest continues the work of our redemption in, with, and through his Church (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1069).

Liturgy is the public prayer and worship of the Church. Liturgical prayers are prayers set by the Church for a specific liturgy (e.g., Mass, confession, baptism, the Divine Office, etc). They differ from private prayers in that they are not the motive of any one person or group but are the prayers of the Church as a whole. As such they should not be changed by the presider since they do not belong to him.

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