Ways To Get Inspired to Meditate on Christ’s Passion

The Passion is an ultimate sign of God’s love for mankind. Every pain Christ suffered on the Cross has a direct relationship to any and every sin possible to commit, and he suffered through his body for them all. Therefore, it is required that we reflect on our daily lives.

The following are ways we can at least start to meditate on the depth of the love and Passion of Christ.

Read the Bible Story on the Passion of Christ.

For us to fully follow in the Passion of Christ, we must first get familiar with the Biblical narratives of the Passion of Christ. The Bible is a very strong tool for Christian growth.

The Way of the Cross

Engage in the pious practice that is called the “way of the cross“.  As Christ suggested to Saint Maria Faustina in the Dairy, that if her obligations do not hinder it, at 3:00 p.m (The Hour of Mercy) every day that she makes the way of the Cross. Previous popes have also given public witness to the way of the Cross by making them in the Coliseum in Rome on Good Friday. As you go through the 14 stations of the Cross, talk to Jesus as your closest personal friend. Accompany him as his Mother Mary also did. Help him with the Cross as Simon the Cyrene. Wipe his bruised, dirty and Tired Face like Veronica did. Be a true and active participant through the way of the Cross.

Invoke the Grace of Our Lady of Sorrows

Nobody ever suffered or loved as much like Our Lady of Sorrows apart from Jesus Christ Himself. She is of enormous help in plumbing the depth of Our Lord’s passion. During the Passion, She was “Stabat Mater”, the Mother who stood valiantly at the feet of the Cross as she watched her Son suffer. She experienced the piercing of his Sacred heart – the Mystical Body of Christ, watched him say his last words. She saw him die and breath forth His Spirit and Soul into the hands of the Father. She is ever ready to take your offering to the Lord.

Spend time with the Crucifix

The Crucifix is another way you can meditate, reflect and spend some silent moment during the Passion. This act is a very important difference between the Catholics and most Protestants. The Catholics emphasize on having the Corpus or Body of Jesus Christ hanging from the Cross. When you find yourself before the Crucifix, look deeply into Jesus eyes, wounds and Sacred Heart which was pierced and attract Divine abundant Graces.

Make a Good Confession

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is a clear and practical approach to apply the passion. Just like the Saints, we must frequently make good and heartfelt confessions. Holy week is another opportunity to reconcile with our creator.  Christ said, “Be holy as my Heavenly Father is Holy.” Saint Pope John Paul II was often seen in the confessional reconciling sinners to God particularly on Good Friday. When we sin, we must rise by recognizing our sin, confessing it and returning back to Christ.

Make a good Penance

Even if it is something very little, why not offer it up as a form of sacrifice just as Our Lord sacrificed and suffered so much for our redemption. Christ Does not worry so much at the exterior greatness of the action but in the love that accompanies even the smallest of actions. For the fact that Christ sacrificed so much for our sake, it is equally expected that we do the same. So what are you willing to sacrifice for Christ?

The Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary

It is always very important to say the Rosary always and anytime we are less busy, most especially the five Sorrowful mysteries during Lent and Holy Week. As you meditate on this Mysteries, talk to Jesus.

Watch Films on the Passion of Christ

Learn to watch more of films from Christ’s Passion. It has a way of making one learn more and connect to this period; as the mind learns faster from what is seen. Watch the classic film by Mel Gibson, The Passion Of Christ. View it as if it were a contemplation or a deep Prayer. As Saint Ignatius would tell us to try to enter into the Composition of Place and truly be present – as an active participant.

Meditate on The Seven Last Words Of Christ

The seven last words of Christ has been preached for a long time by Venerable Archbishop Fulton J.

They are:

“Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing”

“I thirst”

“My God, my God why have you forsaken me?”

Woman behold thy Son; Son, behold thy Mother.”

“Amen I say to you; today you will be with me in Paradise.”

“Into your hands, I commend my Spirit.”

“It is finished.”

Participate in the Good Friday Liturgy

Actively and Consciously participate fully in the moving Liturgy and the Ceremony of Good Friday. There would be no mas but there would be a moving and profound Liturgy. This can be divided into three (3) parts:

  • The reading (like the Palm Sunday) of the Passion of Christ, from the Gospel of John.
  • The veneration of the Holy Cross. During which, you draw close to the Holy Cross, reverentially kiss it as a sign of your gratitude and love for the suffering Christ underwent for the salvation of mankind.
  • The Holy Communion. This is the most important part of the ceremony of the Good Friday.

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