This is why you need to read Spiritual Books, and here are the prayers for before and after you read a spiritual book

Any books that uplifts our mind spiritually, whether they be fictional, theological or biographical, can have a deep impact on our lives in more ways than one.

A good spiritual book has the power to completely change our lives for the better, and it will inspire us to follow more closely after Jesus Christ.

Moreover, our hearts are not open to God’s quiet voice always. And he may want to speak to us through the pages of the book, but we are not ready to receive his message.

So, to help you prepare a fertile soil upon which the seeds of the Gospel can be sown, here are prayers you can say for before and after reading a book. The following prayer is said before you open the first page.

O fountain of all light! I call upon thee to enlighten my understanding: give me a diligent and docile spirit, and an efficacious desire to apply whatever I read to the glory of God, for the purification of my soul, and the salvation of others.

Then after reading the selected pages you need to read for the day, you can pray the following prayer which recalls the contemplative spirit of the Virgin Mary and how she kept all the mysterious words said to her “in her heart.”

Accept, O my Jesus, that like your blessed Mother, I may keep all your words, pondering them in my heart.

This particular exercise can help you slow down anytime you open a spiritual work and it will let the words sink deep in your heart, having a profound effect on your life which will last for many years.

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