This is How Singing Lift Our Hearts to Heaven

We always feel closer to heaven when we are singing joyful praise to God with all my heart.
When I think of heaven, we visualize all of us unceasingly singing praise and adoring God, and we became so captivated in His infinite love.

It was the Eucharistic Adoration which is filled with praise and worship that first enkindled us to the power of praise in lifting our hearts to heaven.

When the church choir sings at Mass, I always get a glimpse of the heavenly vision. There are moments when the Choir would be singing opening and closing hymns, Alleluias, or during the consecration of the Eucharist, that I do feel like I’m among the cherubim in heaven singing and then I think to myself: This is what heaven must be like. And I can as well feel the hearts and voices of other choir members raising around me in these transcendent moments, and it’s always so powerful, so passionate, and so beautiful.

With this kind of scenario, I’m sure God is smiling from up above.
So, anytime you sing at Mass, or in your church choir, ensure you sing with all your heart no matter the kind of voice you have.

And as you’re singing, may you always think about singing the praises and goodness of our God in our heavenly home, and may the love of God gladden up your heart, and may it make you feel as close to heaven as possible as you can feel in this phase of life.

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