Here are Things You’re Probably Getting Wrong at Mass

Maybe it’s because we’ve just adopted these habits, maybe we’re just lazy to participate in mass?…let’s take look at some common wrong practices that may need correction during the Holy Mass.

Below are 5 things you might be doing wrong at mass:

1. Walking around at the Sign of Peace

This is not a social hour or a time to make new friends. The sign of peace is meant to be offered to those who are nearest and in a sober manner.

2. Not saying “Amen” before receiving Communion

When the priest, deacon, or EMHC raises the host or chalice and says, “The Body/Blood of Christ”, you shouldn’t be quiet. This is the best time to affirm your belief in the presence of God, so do what the Church instructs. Say “Amen”. Amen? Amen!

3. Not joining the Choir to Sing

Admittedly, this might not be crucial, but neither the congregation nor the choir is singing to entertain you. Hymns, which are representative of the antiphons, are a response of the faithful as part of the Mass; making them a part of the prescribed “full, conscious, and active” involvement in the Mass. Don’t fall prey to individualistic tendencies. We worship together, and that means singing together.

“Religious singing by the people is to be intelligently fostered so that in devotions and sacred exercises, as also during liturgical services, the voices of the faithful may ring out…” (Sacrosanctum Concilium – 118).

4. Not giving a responses

Now, this one is more crucial than carrying a tune. How does somebody think that active involvement in the liturgy is going to be accomplished without actively involving in the Liturgy. Yes, it is basically about interior disposition, but habitually refraining from the responses is a pretty solid sign of poor involvement.

5. Going late for mass

I know what the issue is, somebody told you that if you arrived by  Z  and left after Z, then you “officially” went to Mass and fulfilled your religious duty. Not true. There are no such restrictions. Our duty is to attend a Sunday Mass and that Mass commences and ends with the introductory rites and the concluding rites. If you happen to be late because of situations beyond your control if you made an honest effort to be there on time, but you walked in during the Gospel, it is understandable. But if you had to catch the last 10 minutes of a game, and that’s why you’re late, then you need to re-prioritize. You may have to go for confession too.


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