The Reason Why the Rosary is Important in the Catholic Faith

The Rosary is a universally accepted weapon against principalities and power: as much as it is used to ask the Blessed Virgin to intercede on our behalf in our sin and problems. It is a tool fashioned for mass destruction, be it demonic or negative forces or unforeseen circumstances.

The gift of the Rosary is that when it is said with a pure heart and contrite spirit, it evokes mercy from the Mother of Jesus Christ. Praying to God or in God’s name alone is wholesome and complete worship and prayer, but involving the mother of God is like making more wine after many barrels of wine has already been made.

The Bible recorded the inclusion of the rosary in many places with the visit of the Angel Gabriel to Mary:

Luke 1:2 – Hail Holy Queen, Full of Grace…

And the visitation of Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist.

The recitation of the Rosary was divined revealed and ordained and not man-made. The same words are proclaimed in certain prayers of intercessions and supplication of needs. It is used to receive numerous blessings and answers.

The Rosary recalls the Life and journey of Jesus Christ on Earth, from the moment he was born to the time of His death. It explains some of the miracles that Jesus performed and the assumption of Mary into Heaven.

Rosary is like a meditational journey into a spiritual awakening, awareness and acceptance of who we are as Christians and Catholics without losing sight of religious obligations and doctrines.

It is solitude and introspective prayer into self-awareness, the life of Christian, who we are as Chosen Children of God, Divine awakening and reminds us of our religious doctrines, works and doctrines.

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