The Mission of Rosary Worldwide

The Mission of Rosary gives us a way forward that we can trust and depend on because it is based on Catholic history and scripture. In this mission, we ask everyone to consecrate themselves and turn in their families to The Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary (as we were asked of in Fatima) and The Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Once this mission has been accomplished we would then renew this consecration daily as the first thing we do when we rise each morning of each new day. When we have given our daily lives to God through the Two Hearts, we then begin with complete faith and trust to understand the need to pray for each other, especially for our leaders and our community, that we might change darkness into light.

We offer to God, through this Mission, a powerful weapon, the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, in which we contemplate the Passion and Death of Our Savior Jesus Christ, pleading out to the Lord with intentions that are for these times, for our conversion and for the conversion of all of humanity, trusting fully in the transforming power of the Precious Blood of Jesus, of his Blessed Wounds and of all the suffering that He bore for our salvation.

We summon you to pray the Morning Prayer before getting out of bed and to pray the Rosary once a day from the heart, either on your own or with your family. We also invite you to form Rosary Prayer Groups in which 4 or more people would meet to pray once a week. For those of you who have already formed an existing group, we only ask that you incorporate Rosary into your group’s regular prayers. As (John 16:23) says “If you ask the Father anything in my name, He will give it to you”.

And as Blessed Pope Pius IX said: “Give me one million families praying the Rosary and the world is saved”.

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