The Evil of Over Familiarity.

DO NOT open your heart to every man, but discuss your matters with one who is wise and who fears God.

Do not keep friends with young people and strangers. Do not fawn upon the rich, and do not be fond of keeping company with the rich.

Mingle with the humble and the simple, with the devout and virtuous, and with them speak of instructive things.

Be not intimate with any woman or man, but generally commend all good women or men to God.

Make sure you Seek only the intimacy of God and of His angels, and avoid the notice of men.

It’s our duty as a Christian to have charity for all men but familiarity with all is not expedient. Sometimes a person enjoys a good reputation among those who do not know him, but at the same time is held in slight regard by those who do.

Frequently, we think we are pleasing others by our presence and we rather start to displease them by the faults they find in us due to over familiarity.

Stay at your limits, and glorify God in humility and love.

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