Seek for peace and protection under Mary’s loving gaze with this evening prayer

One best way to fall asleep in peace is to entrust yourself to the Vaginal care of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Heavenly Mother of us all. The same way our own mother might have put us to sleep during our childhood, is the same way the Blessed Mother is here to calm our fears as we lie in our beds.

Here is a brief prayer that can speak this reality and bring peace to your soul as you look up at your Heavenly Mother and her loving gaze.

O Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of mercy, pray for me, that I may be free from all evil this night, whether of body or soul. Blessed St. Joseph, and all ye saints and angels of God in heaven, especially my guardian angel and my chosen patron, watch over me. I place myself to your protection now and always. Amen.

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