Reasons Why You Need to Practice Humility

Humility isn’t something we finally attain. Humility is something that we desire daily and strive to express every single day. After reading this article, you’ll have a greater comprehension of why humility is very essential.

– Humility helps us to be More Childlike

From the scripture, Jesus clearly instructed us that without humility we cannot go into the kingdom of Heaven. Having humility make us more childlike, but not childish. Children know there are many things they have to learn. They want to learn and they look to their parents to direct them. Being humble helps us to learn more, like a little child.

– Humility Expresses Gratitude

Giving earnest appreciation to God, and others require humility. Giving of ourselves with humility is an act of selflessness, but when done so unwillingly it is an act of selfishness. Our actions must be followed with the right intent. When we are truly grateful and thankful, we will have humility.

– Humility makes the Door to Truth accessible to us

To search for God, and His truths, we must become humble. Without humility, God will not open the door, and our searching will be fruitless. We are cautioned that when we are proud, vain or seek riches, Heavenly Father is not happy with us. We are foolish in His eyes.

– Humility guides Us from Backsliding

Backsliding means deviating from God and the true gospel of Jesus Christ. As a humble follower of Christ, we will less likely backslide (because of pride) if we have enough humility, as revealed in the Book of Mormon in 2 Nephi 28: 14.

– God’s Spirit Guides Us to Humility

Righteously knowing what we should or should not do in life is often hard, but we can trust God’s Spirit. One way to discover His spirit is by what it prompts us to do. If we feel prompted to pray, repent, or be humble, we can be certain that those feelings come from God and not from the adversary, who wants to demolish us.

– Weaknesses Become Strengths

Our weaknesses assist us to be humble. Because we battle with life’s difficulties, we can learn to be humble. If we were strong in all things, we might convince ourselves that we do not need humility.

Building sincere humility is a process, not something that is created overnight, but through determination and faith it can be done.


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