Pray this Psalm for comfort whenever you are grieving

It is inevitable that tragedy will come in our lives, though it can occur though different forms. And whenever tragedy cones, it leaves us feeling alone, thinking that no one else can feel our pain.

Still, it is precisely at those times when God wishes to enter into our lives and give us comfort. Cause, He is always there right by our side and is ready to offer a helping hand.

One way to recall our mind to this reality is to pray the Psalms. The Psalms were written in a way to express the many feelings of the human heart and how God steps-in to save us from whatever is troubling our hearts.

Below is a prayer from Psalm 4 that should give us comfort in our time of grief and it reassures us of God’s never failing presence.

(Psalm 4)
Answer me when I call, my saving God.
When I am in trouble, set me free;
take pity on me, hear my prayer.
Know that the Lord works wonders for his faithful one;
the Lord hears when I call out to him.
Tremble and sin no more;
weep bitterly within your hearts,
wail upon your beds,
Offer fitting sacrifices
and trust in the Lord.
You have given my heart more joy
than they have when grain and wine abound.
In peace I will lie down and fall asleep,
for you alone, Lord, make me secure.

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