Pope Francis: ‘We Like the Magi Should Look Up, So We Can See The Star’

Ahead of the Epiphany, Pope Francis declares that like the Magi, we must look to the sky. That’s the only way, we can see the star.

Pope Francis mentioned this in his greetings to Italian pilgrims during today’s General Audience, Jan. 2, 2019, his first congregation of the New Year, just days before the Epiphany this Sunday, January 6.

In the same Italian greetings, Francis reminded that beauty constantly brings us closer to God, as he appreciated the Cuban Circus who performed for him. Even Pope Francis ‘spun’ a soccer ball on his finger.

“You engage in beauty and beauty always draws us close to God,” Francis said, adding: “I thank you for this.”

“They, with their performance, bring beauty; a beauty that needs so much effort – we have seen it -, so much training, so much to go on … But beauty always uplifts the heart.”

“Beauty makes us better, everyone; beauty guides us to goodness, it also leads us to God. Thank you so much and continue like this, offering beauty to the whole world. Thank you!”

Declaring January 6, 2019, marks the Epiphany, Francis asserted: “Like the Magi, we also raise our gaze to the heavens; only in this way, will we be able to see the star that invites us to walk the paths of goodness.”

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