Pope Francis: Make Space For the Wonders and Surprises of the Yuletide

Pope Francis on Wednesday, urged everyone to make room for the wonders and surprises that come with the Holiday – Christmas. He explained the magnitude of the surprises that come at every first Christmas, following that the Son of God came into the world as a tiny baby in Bethlehem.

Angel Gabriel had taken the Blessed Virgin Mary by surprise when he visited her during the Annunciation and later, came to Joseph in his sleep to make him believe and accept Mary as his chosen bride, the pope had said.

There was no special place the Savior was born, nor were there any high priests, influential people, ambassadors… Just the three wise magi who came from the East and the simple Shepherds that were told by an Angel.

He says that the biggest surprise is on the night of Christmas itself. The Savior of the World is a God, who took the form of a human child. So to celebrate in the spirit of Christmas is not to only welcome the Him but also the surprises of Heaven manifested on Earth.

The Pope reflected and spoke about the unique elements of Christ’s birth and the good ways every Catholic by faith could replicate an element the feelings that come with every first Christmas in their heart, by making room for the wonders of the yuletide.

Christmas requires a certain degree of silence and solitude, over the noisy world, he had said. Pointing out the surprises that would crown anyone who observes some minute of silence in front of cribs.

Observe some silent in front of the nativity. Find the time and come before the sand nativity, be quiet and meditate – This is my invitation for Christmas, “he said.”

Francis pointed out the warning of the Gospel against becoming pressured by the daily anxieties that come with living in society. He commented on the outward pursuit of things that are not holy nor Catholic – The rush for Vanities. That isn’t the purpose of the coming of Christ.

He urged us to keep watch and pray, as Jesus had instructed His disciples. As much as we blame the world for being too fast-paced, we should always do the needful as Christians.

This is the time to leave enclosures, go out, celebrate Christmas with the needy, lonely and sick, and find moments of silence. That’s the true spirit of Christmas.

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