Here are some Saints that could Fly.

The gift of levitation in the Catholic Church is generally known as a sign of sanctity. And it is one of the most frequently mentioned phenomena in the lives of the Saints.
Below are the lists of Saints that flew above the ground.

Saint Joseph of Cupertino
Saint Joseph of Cupertino is, among the first to come to mind when Catholics think of levitation. He is often portrayed hovering above an altar. Record has it that this saint would fly dangerously close to candles without the cloth of his religious habit catching fire.

Joseph of Cupertino mostly levitated as he was saying Mass. These flights above the altar were witnessed by the congregation. Sometimes he would also fly around outside the compound.
Record also has it that St. Joseph of Cupertino had seventy levitations before his death. And, he is the patron saint of air travelers and pilots because he had the ability to levitate and fly through the air.

St Gerard Majella (1726-1755)

St Gerard Majella is another saint recorded to had levitated. St Gerard Majella was often caught into remarkable levitations, often being drawn away by God for some distances. It was sufficient for St Gerard Majella to know of the perfections of God, to contemplate the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity or that of the Incarnation, to fix his eyes upon a crucifix or a picture of the Blessed Virgin, to be in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament or even some wonder of creation.

St. Paul of the Cross (1694-1775)
He was in the town of Latera, in the diocese of Montefiascone, and was in the sacristy of a church talking with other priests when he became so inflamed with the love of God that he rose in the air, to the complete surprise of his witnesses. Another time he levitated was in a town on the Isle of Elba giving a mission when, at the most fervent part of his sermon, he flew above the platform, through the air and over the heads of the people and then returned as though nothing unusual had happened. One can only imagine the emotions felt by the people who had witnessed such an unexpected display of the supernatural.

St Gemma Galgani (1878-1903)
In the recent times there is also the story in the extraordinary life of St Gemma Galgani when on a certain day she was adoring Jesus on the crucifix while she was going about her household chores, when all of a sudden Jesus on the Cross became alive, and with one hand called Gemma to come to Him, and then with love and joy, Gemma was raised off the ground and taken to Jesus, and embraced Him in an ecstasy of love.

Many more Saints that have experienced this marvel in addition to those we have mentioned are: St Benedict Joseph Labre, St. Angela of Brescia, St. Antoinette of Florence, St. Arey, St. Peter Celestine, St. Colette, St. Margaret of Hungary, St. Stephen of Hungary, St. Mary of Egypt, St. Joseph Oriol, Bl. Bentivolio Buoni, St Francis of Paola, St. John of St. Facond.

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