Reflection on the Holy Eucharist Towards One’s Calling

The Thought of the Catholic church finds its source and strength in the Holy Eucharist. This Blessed Sacrament was given to the Church by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper. This is to impress more firmly the greatness of His love. The Sacrament is celebrated each and every day at the Holy Mass. The Roman Catholics believe, just as the first Christians, that the Holy Communion which we share under the appearance of bread & wine is this same “flesh and blood of the incarnate Christ by the power of his own words.  Notice that this is contained in the prayer of thanksgiving” (St Justin Martyr –First Apology – 155 AD).

This Sacrament is the source of our charity toward both those around us and our Creator which leads to an authentic union with Christ. We must, however, be at peace with God and our neighbors in order to receive it. As one receives this Sacrament, it is also important to reverence it.  Therefore the Church and all Catholic Parishes reserve this Blessed Sacrament in reverent view to be greatly esteemed in Adoration by all who would pray and worship faithfully before Christ in the Real Presence of the Holy Eucharist.

By the sincere confession of our sins, we are with peace with Christ, and we are reconciled to God through the ministry of the Holy Priesthood which was instituted by Jesus during the commission of His Apostles.

The Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation(Penance), and the Holy Eucharist form the individual in a continuous life in the Spirit, leads each Catholic to his or her particular purpose or calling. Vocation is Jesus’ call to each of his disciples to live a holy life as a single or married person, priest or spouse. This vocation is an absolute journey which seeks truth and love in the imitation of Jesus Christ.

Christians but most especially, Catholics are called to join in this pure journey toward the destiny for which you were created: to know, love, and serve God who gave his only-begotten Son, so you might have everlasting life.

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