Is it true that the leper Jesus cured became a Bishop?

In the Gospel of Matthew, “Jesus was at Bethany in the house of Simon the leper” (Matthew 26:6). It is believed by some people that Simon invited Jesus to his house out of gratitude because Jesus cured him of his Leprosy.

After that one event, Little is known about what happened to Simon, but many traditions claim that Simon later had a great role in the early Church. In the medieval text, The life of Simon after Jesus’ ascension is explained and his name is changed to “Julian.”

Julian was the bishop of Le Mans. He was ordained the Bishop of Le Mans by the apostles after the ascension of Jesus. And he was renowned for his many virtues. It was believed that he raised three dead persons to life and he rested in peace in time.

Julian was also said to be invoked by travelers in search of good lodging, for the mere reason that he welcomed Christ as a guest in his house. To verify this Story, the Diocese of Le Mans in France has the name of St. Julian listed as their first bishop and the Cathedral Church is named in his honor.

In the end, the life of Simon the Leper reminds us that Jesus can change our lives radically if we only let him enter into our house.

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