Invoke This Patron Saint For Your Military Spouse

Sometimes, it might not necessarily be a happy ending saint as most people often want but the truth is, not a lot of saints have a happy ending and that is why they are Saints.

Saint George of Lydda

This Saint was a  soldier of Palestinian and Greek origin. He was sentenced to death for refusing to recant his Christian faith. He Became one of the most venerated saints and Megalo martyrs in Christianity and was especially venerated by the Crusaders. He is one of the most prominent military Saints.

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

Lots of Hospitals are named after her, and there is a reason for that.  She was the daughter of the King of Hungary and was married off to a prince at the age of 14.

She and her prince were happily married, and they had three children and a great life, but no one else was happy with Elizabeth. She did not care much to be pampered. She was so well known for her generosity that poor people flocked to the gates of the palace.  She constantly gave away everything to the poor and tried to live a simple life that at some point, it got on her husband’s nerves a bit and the family was not amused.

After only six years of bliss,  her husband joined the Crusades and it was not a happy ending because he never came back.  Elizabeth spent the rest of her life in grief. She later put all that sad energy to good use, giving away everything she had and taking care of the sick to the point where she had inadvertently opened a hospital.  She died at age 24. Other of her patronage includes, the patron saint of happy marriages.

Joan Of Arc

Saint Joan of Arc is considered a heroine of France for her role during the Lacastrine era of the 100 years’ war. She was canonized as a Roman Catholic Saint. Joan was said to have always received visions of Archangel Micheal, Saint Margaret, and Saint Catherine of Alexandria instructing her to help Charles VII recover France from English domination late in the Hundred Years’ War. She was sent to the Siege of Orleans as part of a relief army and later gained prominence after the siege was lifted only nine days later. Charles VII had his coronation at Reims, and this boosted French moral and paved the way for the final French victory.

Saint Monica

Although her husband and son were not soldiers, they gave her fits, but all her worry and prayer helped her son become one of the greatest saints to walk the earth.

Saint Helena

Saint Helena’s son, Constantine was a great general, and a constant soldier.  He turned the world to Christianity.  This Saint was always worried about her son. She took one of the nails that had bound Jesus to the Cross and sewed it into the bridle of Constantine’s horse.

Saint Martin of Tours

Martin was the third bishop of Tours and a native of Pannonia, who converted to Christianity at a very young age. His father was a senior officer in the imperial house guard, which was a unit of the Roman army. He served in the Roman cavalry in Gual but later left the military at some point to join the Trinitarians, becoming the disciple of Hilary of Poitiers. He helped established a monastery. He is one of the most familiar and recognizable Christian Saints in the Western tradition.

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