How to Pray the Rosary When Your Schedule is very Tight

In order to make progress in growing into the saint God created you to be, I recommend you to make reciting the rosary daily a priority in your life. If you just don’t think you’ve got 30 minutes to sit down and request for Mary’s prayers as you reflect on the life of her Son, let me find 30 minutes for you. Bear in mind that it doesn’t have to be 30 minutes on a stretch and you don’t need to carry a rosary with you. You have 10 fingers, right? That’s great.

Beneath are other technique you can use to be able to pray the rosary even when your schedule is very tight:

–  During your Running Routine

Do you go for running daily? Make praying the rosary your activity rather than listening to music.

–  While Driving

It’s good to know how you can easily recite the rosary just going to and from the grocery, while getting gas, taking the kids to school and more. A few car trips mostly add up to 25 minutes. There are few rosary CDs you can play in your car which will help you to pray along with. It will make you feel like you’re praying with a group! It’s also a wonderful way to learn to pray the rosary if you’re still learning.

– Try a walking rosary

Every week, try praying a walking rosary. You hold the rosary in your hand and walk in rhythm to the prayer. Now, other people may see you doing this, so you have to be a courageous and joyful witness.

–  In the church

It’s great to pray the rosary in the presence of Jesus or with others in your parish. Make a weekly date with Jesus to sit in front of the Blessed Sacrament or in Adoration to recite the rosary. Or, if your parish have a routine of group prayer of the rosary, be part of it! Or you can begin your own rosary group!

–  While in the Queue

While waiting in the queue at the grocery, at the doctor’s office, Pray a decade each time you’re in the queue and you’ll be done by day’s end.

Do you have more recommendations for ways to pray the rosary in your tight schedule? Drop a comment below.

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