How To Be More Committed in Your Parish

Do you find it difficult getting involved in the activities done in your church? In this article, you will grab the technique to start getting more involved in your parish.

First and foremost, don’t feel bad if you’re not feeling like you’re part of your Church community. I have been there too. Here is how I started getting more involved in my Parish.

–  Be diligent and participate in the Parish Work

You have to endeavor and be keen to keep trying until you find the right thing. Don’t throw in the towel after your few activities didn’t go as expected. Keep doing what you’re doing. Attending mass alone is not enough to get to know others.

–  Get involved in small group activities

To be frank, you are not likely to get to know people well by attending only big events like parish missions, Mass or even being one of 100 Eucharistic ministers. While these are all great and Mass, very good to participate in, they are not specifically the activities that lend themselves to making friends. Choose intimate book groups, small committees, small group outings, discussion groups, and Bible studies.

– Attend retreats

Whenever your parish has a retreat, try as much as you can to attend. In the course of the retreat, where you spend many hours with many people, you’ll develop a rapport and special camaraderie with some of the attendees. I suggest Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) particularly, which has an ongoing component after the retreat.

CRHP is created to give you a group of people that you get to know really well and whom you can trust to be a support group for you within your parish. CRHP is not available at all parishes but find out if it is available at yours.

Finally, please note that it’s ok to be aware something just doesn’t work and move on to something else. You will hit upon the right thing ultimately and the dividends will be wonderful!

How do you participate fully in your parish? What technique did you use? I would like you to share it in the comment box. Thanks



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