How to Avoid the sin of Pride.

Pride is a reasonable and justifiable self-respect which develops a false sense of security.
Pride however, is the only disease known to man that has the capacity to make everyone sick except the one who has it. It is also the ability to trust in yourself and the ability to exclude God in your life which is a spiritual suicide. Because the greatest enemy of Pride is God not Man.
We should know that no amount of wisdom, wealth, warrior, and friends can defend us from the judgment of God. In that case, don’t be deceived by the sources of your pride. (JOB 20:4-10).

If you have riches, do not glory in it, nor in friends because they are powerful, but glory in God Who provides all things and Who desires above all to give Himself. Do not be boastful of personal stature or of physical beauty, or any qualities which are marred and destroyed by a little sickness. Do not take pride in your talent or gift, lest you displease God to Whom all natural gifts belongs to.
Do not take yourself better than others lest, you will be counted worse before God Who knows what is in man. Do not take pride in your good deeds, for God’s judgments is different from those of men and what pleases them mostly displeases God. If there is any good in you, try to see more good in others, so that you can remain humble. There’s no harm when you esteem yourself less than anyone else, but it is very harmful to think yourself better than any one.

The humble ones live in continuous peace, while the hearts of the proud are filled with envy and frequent anger.
Do not allow yourself to be self sufficient but put your trust in God.

Do what lies in your power and God will help your good will. Do not put trust in your own learning nor in the cunning of any man, but rather in the grace of God Who lifts the humble and humbles the proud.

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