How Important Is It To Teach Your children To Love Mass?

Just like parents are determined to make sure their kids go off to college it is also important that parents teach their  children to grow to appreciate and be commitmented to Mass.

Parents who want their kids go to college and graduate top of their class encourage them in various ways. Similarly, parents who want to raise churchgoing children work hard to make the liturgy meaningful.

Before they go, they talk about the Mass or reading of the day with their children; they do some explanations during key parts; they discuss the homily afterward; they play their favorite church songs on their iPod or cellphone. Sometimes, they might try a Mass with a different homilist or a different style of music that will grab a child’s attention and imagination that is if it seems that the Mass they usually attend is not particularly well suited to a certain child. Children need to learn how to relax and contemplate.

If you ever want to go to mass then make it worthwihile

While some parents struggle to fit in time for Mass amongst other home and school activities, others say that their packed schedule reminds and encourages them of why it is so important to go to church. Parents who have this perception usually report that their children don’t ask if the family is going to Mass over the weekend instead they ask when will the family is going to Mass.

We attend mass for the community – and not just for ourselves

Some have a different view of Mass. They believe that sometimes we do not go to mass for ourselves, but to be present for others who need to see us there on a given Sunday.

We may not know who is struggling in our community, who is lonely and may need our handshake at the sign of peace, or even need our conversation after Mass, or maybe just the safety that comes from the feeling of a full church. This makes sense, and if you could help your children understand this as well, then it would be better. Some others admit that their children are quick to notice their peers in church. They see their classmates at church and that is can be huge benefit for them, and they realize that they are not the only ones who go to church. teach your kids the important of Mass, that when they grow they shall not depart from your teachings.

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