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How Does the Church See Interfaith Marriage?


How does the Church see interfaith marriage, especially with the Jewish religion?


Accepting the challenges in inter religious marriages, preparation for them should expect each party to know well both religious traditions so as to be cooperative with the religious duties of the spouse. Continuing pastoral care, as several diocesan inter religious guidelines already known, is also recommended (USCCB Guidelines for Catholic-Jewish Relations).

The Church generally views interfaith marriage with caution. While the Church does not forbid interfaith marriage, it does seek to protect the faith and the spiritual good of the Catholic party.

Interfaith marriage requires that the non-Catholic party understand and agree to the Catholic understanding of marriage.

The Catholic party must agree to remain Catholic and do all in his or her power to baptize and raise the children of the marriage as Catholics. The non-Catholic party must be made aware of these guarantees.

Given that Judaism is a non-Christian faith, it needs a dispensation from the local bishop.

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