How does Resurrection benefit us?

Resurrection confirms our faith and hope so that we shall rise again,
As the Apostles Creed confirms it.
We shall rise once more from death.
Not just the last death, but the several deaths that comes before it:
To start again with new hope. “A rose is not worth possessing unless it has thorns.” Also, “The root of all knowledge is pain.”

However, little deaths and pain, forces one to choices and change. Cause, our journey to the Lord starts with suffering.

With the path He showed us by His suffering love. Our destiny, one’s wants, can change over a lifetime.
The cross one caresses on his deathbed is no longer abstract;
Eons resurrect memories of a living savior, a triumphant king
Stretching out His arms, embracing suffering, forgiving man,
And desiring only to unite man to the Father.

The paradox of the Cross gives happiness without end.
As surely as spring follows winter so too will
Life and death brings forth resurrection for men which is the blooming rose of new eternal life.

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