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How do I improve my relationship with Mary, Mother of God?


I want to build a relationship with Mary but I find it difficult praying my rosary regularly. what do I do?


First and foremost, praying the rosary regularly is not necessary to have a relationship with the Blessed Mother. By virtue of your being a baptized member of the Church, Mary is your spiritual mother (John 19:27, Rev. 12:17). So you can pray informally to the Blessed Mother, including asking for her intercessory assistance in various ways.

A great way to get more out of the rosary is to meditate on the respective mysteries while you’re praying the ten Hail Marys related with each mystery. Ponder on what’s going on in the event of each mystery, placing yourself as an observer or even an active participant.

In the process, ask Our Lord and Our Lady to assist you to map out lessons/guidance from the different mysteries for your own life. If you get inspiration while praying the rosary to apply in your life, don’t give yourself a difficult time that you’ve become “distracted.” Take it as a blessing and continue pondering on a mystery, and also write down the inspiration so you don’t forget it. In addition, don’t feel sad if you linger on an inspiration while reciting the rosary because doing so can also be a gift from God.

If you pray the rosary in this manner, no matter how occasionally you pray it, I believe you’ll begin to appreciate the rosary more and gain more from praying it because you’ll be experiencing Our Lord and Our Lady.

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