Here’s what to do when your prayer life is dry and without consolation

In the spiritual life, we frequently start our prayer life with great zeal and love of God. And this is usually accompanied by positive feelings that leave us happy.
However, after some months or years, that spiritual consolation may fade off and instead of feeling joy, we may feel desolate and dry. Our prayer does not excite the same emotions again and we may even left by question our religion.

According to Fr. Scupoli, “When, therefore, you find yourself oppressed with dryness and dislike for spiritual things, find out whether or not it is caused by any fault of your own.”
At times it may be possible that there is something inside us that is preventing the light of God from penetrating in. It could be a particular sin which we are attached to, or maybe some inside doubts that we need to address.

The dryness in the other hand, may be a gift that God has given for the sake of your soul.
If, however, after checking yourself careful, you can discover no such fault, be not concerned about gaining your sensible fervor; rather exert yourself in the acquisition of that wonderful devotion which consists in perfect conformity to the will of God. However, your exercise may seem barren and insipid, but be resolute and persevering as you execute them, drinking cheerfully the bitter cup the heavenly Father has presented to you.

On the other hand, do not offer your Communions, prayers, or other devout exercises that you may be free of your cross, but offer them that you may receive strength to exalt that cross forever to the honor and glory of the crucified Jesus.

It is the path to perfection, as true devotion consists an eager and unswerving desire to follow Christ, and to bear the cross at whatever time, in whatever way He shall decide; and it consists too in loving God because He is worthy of our love, and even in forfeiting the sweet taste of God for the sake of God.

St. Teresa of Calcutta was among the many saints that went years and years without any consolation from God. Still, they carried the heavy weight of dryness because of their intense love of God.
Any time you are faced with dryness, consider the possible causes of it and above all, appreciate it as a cross that will lead you to paradise.

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