Here’s a Novena that will prepare you for the Ascension of Jesus

At the fortieth day after the celebration of Easter, Christians in a special way, remember the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven. This is the last time the apostles saw Jesus walk with them on earth and is one of the many mysteries of the Christian faith.

In order to prepare for the feast of the Ascension, it’s good to pray a novena, that means spending nine days in prayer before the celebration. This is a way to prepare our hearts for this feast and ponder more on the ascension of Christ.

Below is a novena prayer that can be prayed each day, looking forward to that mysterious day when Jesus ascended into the clouds of Heaven.

Jesus, I honor You on the feast of Your Ascension into heaven. I celebrate with all my heart at the glory into which You entered to exercise your sovereign as King of heaven and earth. When the struggle of this life is gone, grant me the grace to share Your joy and triumph in heaven for all eternity.
I believe that You have gone into Your glorious Kingdom to prepare a place for me, cause You promised to come again to take me to Yourself. Accept that I may ask only the joys of Your friendship and love, so that I may deserve to be united with You in heaven.
In the hour of my death, when I would come before Your Father to give an account of my life on earth, have mercy on me.
Jesus, with the love You have for me You have taken me from evil to good and from misery to happiness. Grant me the grace to rise above my human weakness. May Your Humanity give me courage in my weakness and set me free from my sins.
By Your grace, give me the courage to persevere for You have called and justified me by faith. Grant that I may hold fast to the life You have given me and come to the eternal gifts You promised.
For your love for me, dear Jesus. Help me to love You in return. I plead that You grant this special favor:
(Mention your request).
Through Your unceasing care, direct my steps toward the life of glory which You have prepared for those who love You. Let me grow in holiness and be thankful by a life of faithful service.

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