Here are two questions that can provide hours of Meditation

At times we will sit or kneel down for meditation and still not know exactly what to do. Most times the best topics for meditation are in the form of questions that we can slowly ponder and search for the answer deep within our heart.

According to an Italian priest Fr. Lorenzo Scupoli, he suggested two particular questions in his spiritual classic called The Spiritual Combat.

What exactly did Jesus do for us?
And, What we should do for Jesus?

Scupoli went further to expand on these two questions and he offers further points of reflection related to them.

In his reflection, he recalls how important it is, to remember that the Passion and death which Jesus endured was particularly for you.

And that, He would gladly suffer and die, even if there was only one person in the world and that person was you.

Sit down for a few moments and let the love of Jesus sink into your soul. Remembering that he suffered for you and bore an immeasurable amount of pain for you.

Then, after the meditation on the beauty of the love of Jesus for us, consider how that should affect our own lives. What can we really do just to love Jesus back in return? He has given us such an expensive gift, how can we live in a spirit of thanksgiving?

This is exactly where our faith becomes concrete and we can put into action that which we have received from God.

The next time you bring out time for prayer, consider those two questions and try to dig deeper into them, allowing God to touch your soul with his love.

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