Here are the General Principles of Vatican II

The church is either a mystery or sacrament and not primarily a means of salvation. The church is the overall People of God, not only the hierarchy.

All the People of God participates in the mission of Christ, and not just in the mission of the hierarchy.

And the mission of the church involves service to those in need and not just the preaching of the Gospel or the celebration of the sacraments.

The church is truly present at the local level and also at the universal level. A diocese or parish is just an administrative division of the church universal.

The mission of the church is all about the proclamation of the Word, celebration of the sacraments, witnessing to the Gospel individually and institutionally, and rendering service to those in need.

All the authorities are for service, not for domination.

Religious truth is to be found outside the church also. No one is to be forced to stay close in the Catholic faith.

The church is always for the sake of the Kingdom of God and is not the Kingdom itself.

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