Here are Steps to Follow if you desire to follow the Combatant nature of Angels.

Angels are the necessary part of our own world, sent forth for the sake of our salvation. They are pure spirits who impart God’s grace, his blessings, and his truth.

Angels play vital roles in the spiritual life, including messengers, stewards, warriors, and guardians. Father Horgan has done a lot of research about Angels and has gained tons of knowledge about them. I referenced him a lot in this article.

Below are the steps you can follow if you wish to imitate warrior Angels:

–  Study about combatant angels from Scripture

From the Old and New Testaments, you will observe that find angels protecting us from evil and upholding the plans and purposes of God.

In as much as they’re engaged in spiritual warfare, the angels don’t fight with weapons. “The tradition of the Church is that the warfare of angels, both the warfare at the trial of angels at the start of time and their day-to-day combatant for our sake, is carried out with virtue, that is, their power of spirit,” expresses Father Horgan.

–  Exercise humility

A great instance of a warrior angel is Saint Michael. Today we honor him as the head of all Heaven’s armies.

“His name is originated from the Hebraic phrase he calls out, ‘Who is like unto God?’ Those words shouted at Satan and his supporters, are a cry of humility, the humility of one who puts all his trust and his adherence in God and in him alone,” expresses Father Horgan. “It is by his humility and trust in God that he defeats Lucifer, who has been cast down from Heaven.”

– Gain Information about your adversary

Why does Satan try to tempt us? Why is the father of lies interested in our souls? It’s important to know who we’re up against and why Satan wants us to fail so badly.

“It is because Almighty God has made us with such a great place in His plan and because the Lord of Heaven and earth has come down to us as a man,” Father Horgan said. “Jesus shared the flesh of Mary so that we might be changed, raised to Heaven and prepared to share the vision of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that will fill us with joy for everlasting life.”

–  Answer God with Honour and Obedience

It was the angel’s resentfulness and pride that lead them to despise God and attack the image and likeness of God in us. They want to prove to God that he committed an error by creating us.

“Rather the love of God empowers us,” Father Horgan expresses. “When we respond to the Lord and exercise our love in obedience, we encounter the assistance and defense of the holy angels.”

– Be persistent in your Petitions

Devil and his demons always try to bring disorderliness and confusion to our intellect. How do we fight all these lies? How do we endure when those near to us fall for the lies and are distant from the Lord?

“We remain consistent and steady in our intercessions because we are certain that Our Lord loves them even more than we do. We pray, too, that Devil’s sadness, the despair that fills the hearts of those who go astray, might once again be replaced by the peace of Heavenly grace,” Father Horgan admonishes. “The evidence of our own inner peace and trust in Our Lord has a great role in this.”

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