Here Are Five Gift Ideas For First Communion

First communion is a day worth commemorating with something special.

Below are five gift ideas for communion:

1.) The Action Bible. explained by a Marvel and DC comic artist, The Action Bible brings the stories of the Bible to life in a way that is captivating to young children. Moms of boys, in particular, speak to it being a favorite and most well-used gift from their sons’ first communions. The cost is close to $16.

2.) Lego Rosary. Rosaries are well known first communion gifts because they are so clearly necessary for the situation. The only issue is many Catholic children already have a rosary or two or three (or seven, in my son’s case). A fun option they are less likely to already own is the Lego Rosary ($23). Gift givers can go the extra mile by having it blessed before it is given to the first communicant.

3.) MagnifiKid Subscription. Here’s a truism about kids: They love getting mail. MagnifiKid is a great monthly publication that involves comics, coloring pages, and other activities that invite children into a greater comprehension of their faith. At around $35 for a yearly subscription, it is an economical gift that serves as a monthly reminder of the life first communicants are more fully embracing.

4.) Nativity Pieces. Many families gift their children with a few nativity pieces for every sacrament so that by adulthood they will have a full set that has been with them since the starting. Prices vary on nativity pieces, but even buying from a more costly set piecemeal makes this gift recommendation an affordable option that can be built on for years to come.

5.)Personalized Religious Gifts. Anything personalized with the child’s name and date of their first communion is a wonderful way to commemorate the day, as is a patron saint medal. Popular choices of personalized items include Bibles, keepsake boxes, jewelry, bookmarks, and picture frames while popular patron saint medals include St. Michael, St. Christopher, and the Children’s Four-Way Medal.

First communion is a big day. Celebrating the sacrament with family, friends, cake, and gifts is all part of a special time in children’s lives. Gifts that speak to their specific engagement with the sacrament will be the most meaningful and loved, but after the sacrament itself, just being there and sharing in the moment is the best gift a child can receive.

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