For those seeking for Spouse, here’s a Novena Prayer for you

So unusual enough, in today’s world of modern global communication, finding a spouse has only gotten more difficult.
For those people called to the vocation of marriage, God is ready to take you to someone who will be an aid to your sanctification.

Though not everyone is called to matrimony, but for those who are called, God is the one to invoke a heavenly assistance for you.

Here is a prayer published recently  by the bishops of England and Wales, and printed by Catholic Herald .

This prayer is designed to be a novena, prayed for nine consecutive days.
Do not forget that God answers our prayers always, though not always in the way we expect.

When saying this prayer, open your heart to God and allow him to direct your life. He actually knows what is best for us, and our job is just to trust in him.

Loving Father,
You know that the deepest will of my heart is to meet someone that I can be able share my life with.
I trust in your compassionate plan for me and ask that I might meet soon the person that you have prepared for me.
Lord, through the power of your Holy Spirit, open my heart and mind so that I recognise who my soulmate would be.

Put aside any obstacles that may be in the way of this happy encounter,
So that I might find a new sense of oneness, joy and peace.
Also give me the grace, to know and accept, if you have another plan for my life.

I surrender my past, present and future into the loving heart of your Son, Jesus,
And I am so confident that my prayer will be heard and answered.

Oh sacred Heart of Jesus, I put all my trust in you.
St Valentine, pray for me.

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